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Hyundai Engineering & Construction Job Openings | UAE | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait

The Company was established in 1947 as the hyundai civil works company.It was a major component of the hyundai Group. Hyundai Construction and Hyundai Engineering merged in 1999.Furthermore HEC is now providing comprehensive engineering & construction solutions for plant and infrastructure projects including building and housing work. HEC will continue keeping its incomparable stature as a leading global company by increasing customer value with exceptional efforts and better service.

Job Title Location Click Here
Instrument Engineers Saudi Arabia Apply
Electrical Planning Engineers Saudi Arabia Apply
TCN Style Cooks Kuwait Apply
Scaffolders Uzbekistan Apply
Board Operator Uzbekistan Apply
Plumbers UAE Apply
HSE Engineers Saudi Arabia Apply
Architectural Supervisors Qatar Apply
Bus Drivers UAE Apply
Tractor Trailer Drivers UAE Apply
Mixer Truck Drivers UAE Apply
Maintenance Truck Drivers UAE Apply
Cargo Crane Truck Drivers UAE Apply
Water Truck Drivers UAE Apply
Instrument Technicians UAE Apply
HSE Supervisor UAE Apply
Electrical Technicians UAE Apply
Electrician Foremen UAE Apply
Commissioning Field Operators UAE Apply
Commissioning Panel Operators UAE Apply
Commissionin Operations Engineers UAE Apply
Commissioning Pipeing Supervisors UAE Apply
Riggers UAE Apply
Painting Foremen UAE Apply
Building /wall Painters UAE Apply
Grader Operators UAE Apply
Tire Backhoe Operators UAE Apply
Plumbers UAE Apply
General Welders/ARC Welder(2G,3G) UAE Apply
Gardeners UAE Apply
Form/Shittering Carpenters UAE Apply
Crawler Backhoe Operators UAE Apply
HSE Engineers UAE Apply
Assistant Planning Engineers UAE Apply
Bus Drivers UAE Apply
Contract Administrators UAE Apply
Warranty Engineers UAE Apply
Communication Enigneers UAE Apply
Mechanical Contruction Engineers UAE Apply
Building Painters UAE Apply

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