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CC Energy Development Job Openings

CCED was established in 2007 with the aim of acquiring exploration and development assets in the Middle East, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In November 2007 CCED acquired the shares of EnCana International (Oman) Ltd.
CCED Oman is the operator of Blocks 3 & 4 in the Sultanate of Oman where it has made several discoveries and is currently producing over 28,000 bopd. Through its associated companies, CCED has accumulated over 20 years of exploration & production experience in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry both as an operating partner and non-operating co-venturer in partnership with other major IOCs.

Field Operations Manager

Financial Responsibility: $17MM annual budget for daily field operations, 50,000 bbl/day production, 15 different service contractors, & Budget and work program preparation and monitoring/ management.  HSE Responsibility: Effectively manage the HSE and welfare of all personnel (CCED + contractors) in the Field, On-site investigation of all field accidents/incidents and tracking of actions, & Management of HSE and Safety programs such as implementation and daily use of Permit to Work, Haz-op, Job Safety Assessment, and Standard Operating Procedures within the Field, Point of Contact and management of Emergency Response between the field and Muscat office, & Implement and lead the CCED HSE Management System.

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Field Drilling Supervisor

 Ensures drilling procedures are followed as planned and conducted in an
optimum manner.
 Organizes and orders the necessary services and equipment to conduct drilling
and testing operations. Keeps a record of the service-quality of all services.
 Responsible for health and safety procedures being continuously enforced, and
making capable decisions in emergency situations to prevent well catastrophes
as well as significant additional costs.
 Ensures that rig and third party equipment are adequately and properly
maintained. Maintains inventory of all equipment/materials/supplies to insure
a smooth ongoing operation.

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Field Plant Supervisor

 Approval of Job Cards, Job Safety Assessment, and Permit-To-Workdocuments, Conducts Permit-To Work audits and Plant HSE audits, The
use and update of Standard operating procedures, Monitoring andexecuting the required Asset Integrity of the plant, Identifying &
coordinating maintenance and repair requirements in the plant, &Execution of H2S procedures in the daily operations.
 Responsible for +/- 20,000 bbl/day production processing from the plantswith the major components being: separators, heater treaters, chemical
injection, export pumps, water injection.

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Field Maintenance Supervisor

 Responsible for the Maintenance & Repair of equipment supporting10,000 bbl/day production from approximately 70 wells.
 Responsible for the respective field operations of preparation andexecution of Permit to Work programs, preparation of Job Cardsincluding Job Safety Assessment, Permit to Work and the relevantprocedures, Responsible for utilizing the required SOP, Technically reviewthe updates of specific SOP, & Ensure that all HSE policies areimplemented and followed.
 Responsible for the planning, execute & perform analysis of maintenanceprograms, Responsible for the daily repairs to the field, Responsible forplanning and communicate the daily programs & activities in therespective field, & Preparing and submitting reports that are clear,concise, and focus on root cause analysis.

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Field Senior Instrument Technician

• Responsible forthe Maintenance ofthe various Field Instruments(Transmitters, Control valves, ESDs etc..) and other processrelated instrument at Plant,GSCs andwell heads
• Responsible for ensuring the preventive maintenance of Instrumentsas per schedule.
• Responsible for carrying out the trouble shooting of controlsystems, Field instruments, Burner Management Systems etc..
• Responsible for monitoring the instrument and control system performance and report abnormalities in time.

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