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Dubai Government | Roads and Transport Authority Careers | UAE

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) came into formation in November 2005.It is in charge of arranging and executing transport and activity extends in Dubai, get ready enactment and key arrangements. We take pride in creating incorporated open transport arrangements, for example, the Dubai Metro &Dubai TRAM, that are protected and in accordance with the city’s monetary improvement arranges at the most elevated worldwide norms. Notwithstanding all the improvement extends, our fundamental concentration is—keeping a dynamic city progressing, and associating individuals to their objectives, goals and ways of life.

RTA Operates 1442 buses on 107 routes carrying approximately 7 million riders on 179000 trips a month. All train stations are air conditioned .Since providing an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai has been high on the government’s agenda, which is evident from its initiatives to enhance the public transport facilities and improve roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed by the decree number 17 for the year 2005.

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Senior Analyst UAE View & Apply
Chief Specialist UAE View & Apply
Senior Specialist UAE View & Apply
Chief Officer – UAE Nationals UAE View & Apply
Chief Specialist UAE View & Apply
Transport System Operator UAE View & Apply
Engineer UAE View & Apply
Specialist UAE View & Apply
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Technical Inspector UAE View & Apply
Chief Supervisor UAE View & Apply
Legal Researcher UAE View & Apply
Chief Officer UAE View & Apply
Head of Customer Happiness Center UAE View & Apply
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