Wednesday , April 8 2020

Mubadala Petroleum Job Openings | UAE | Malaysia

Mubadala Petroleum is a Single Global Company Operations across in 10 countries.Company did Somany Projects the major projects including world class
Dolphin Gas Project, which is central to meeting the energy needs of the UAE; enhanced oil recovery in Oman; and high impact exploration with most recent success in Malaysia.In Southeast Asia, the company acts as operator across an extensive range of assets located in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. In the Gulf of Thailand, we have built up a solid reputation of safe effective creation operations, and with now three delivering fields.

Job Title Location Click Here
Specialist Contracts Indonesia Apply
HSSE Manager Malaysia Apply
Contracts Officer UAE Apply
Analyst UAE Apply
Senior Petroluem Engineer Thailand Apply
Geologist/Senior Geologist – Development Thailand Apply
Specialist – Compensation and Benefits UAE Apply
Lead Reserior Engineer UAE Apply
Subsurface Manager Malaysia Apply
General Application Indonesia Apply
Production Engineer/Sr. Production Engineer Thailand Apply
Petrophysical/Senior Petrophysicist Thailand Apply
General Application – Full Time Employement Indonesia Apply
Reservoir Engineer/Senior Reservior Engineer Thailand Apply
Senior Reservior Engineer Malaysia Apply