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Ras Gas Job Openings | Qatar

RasGas is one of the world’s premier integrated LNG enterprises and has an enviable reputation for being a safe and reliable supplier of LNG that has transformed a regional resource into a key component of the global energy mixRasGas was established in 2001.The organization’s seven LNG trains have an aggregate limit of 36.3 million tons of LNG per year.Trains 1 and 2 are claimed by Ras Laffan, and they have a joined limit of 6.6 million tons of LNG every year. Ras Laffan (II) possesses Trains 3, 4 and 5 with a limit of 4.7 million tons of LNG per annum each.Trains 6 and 7 are claimed by Ras Laffan (3). The Train 6 came online in October 2009, and was initiated on 27 October 2009.Sheikh Hamad canister Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, went to the function The Train 7 began creation in February 2010. Both prepare produces 7.8 million tons of LNG every year and they among the biggest LNG prepares on the planet.

Senior Legal Counsel

Advising on all aspects of shipping law, reviewing and advising on commercial agreements and contracts including charterparties, joint venture agreements, ship building contracts and ship management agreements. Experience in cargo and charterparty disputes and claims.
Has knowledge in LNG Marketing Agreements and issues such as development of LNG SPAs, MSAs.
Provides advice to Department Managers on legal issues referred to him by Head of Shipping and Sales.
Reviews agreements to ensure compliance with applicable laws and Company policies and objectives.
Trains and Mentors Nationals (Associate Counsel).

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Senior Legal Counsel (Arbitration)

Advising on strategies to address both legal and commercial issues with an emphasis on supporting a business-focused approach to RasGas’ arbitration disputes to support the Legal Department’s objectives and strategy.
Advising on strategies to address pending and existing high value and complex commercial arbitrations involving RasGas both in the State of Qatar and internationally whether under adhoc or institutional arbitration.
Responsible for and managing all existing arbitration proceedings involving RasGas in the best interests of RasGas and in a manner to minimize legal exposure of RasGas.
Coordinates and follows up all legal matters concerning arbitration and legal procedures applicable to arbitration by providing information and advice on proposal for terms and settlement of claims and disputes affecting commercial and LNG Sales Agreements.

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Associate Engineer I

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Business Administration/Accounting

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