Sunday , April 5 2020

INEOS Job Openings | United Kingdom

Our world-scale petrochemical plants make around 1million tonnes per annum of product, used as the building blocks in the manufacture of household items that society depends upon every day. These include synthetic ethanol, ethylene, propylene and polymers: polyethylene and polypropylene.

Our products are used extensively in the petrochemical industry and transformed into bottles and pipes, cabling and insulation, food packaging and are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Polymers Support Engineer

Panel Technician 

Temporary Integrity Assurance Team Leader 

Rail Terminal Technician 

Systems Data and Process Administrator 

Mechanical Asset Care Engineer

Cost Estimator

Cost Assurance Specialist 

Furnace Maintenance Specialist / Construction Supervisor –

E&I Asset Care Engineer – Contract 

Marine Assurance Superintendent– INEOS Trading and Shipping